About Us

Four Feathers Wine Estates is a division of the Zirkle Fruit Company.   The Zirkle family started growing fruit in Washington in the 1880’s when owner and President Mark Zirkle’s great-great-grandparents moved from Virginia to the Yakima Valley.  The Zirkle Fruit label was started in 1948 with fruit grown and packed by Mark’s grandparents in Selah, Washington.   Everything in those days was done by hand. This meant hard work and long days.  This work ethic and leadership of Zirkle’s earliest employees helped the company flourish, and the same philosophies continue to drive the success of the Zirkle Fruit family, both in business and in the dedication to employees’ health and happiness. 

Zirkle Fruit has grown over the years and today the company farms apples, cherries, pears, blueberries, and wine grapes throughout Eastern Washington.  With cold storage and packing sites in Selah and Prosser and orchards and vineyards throughout Eastern Washington from Oregon to Canadian borders, Zirkle Fruit is proud to have a strong local presence in Washington agriculture. 

History of the Winery

Four Feathers Wine Estates is located at the Zirkle Fruit site in Prosser, Washington.  Built for the 2012 inaugural vintage under the supervision of Dave Copeland, master winery builder, the Four Feathers winery has over 3,000,000 gallons of tank capacity.  

A number of features in the Four Feathers winery are geared towards creating a wine and cellar-worker friendly environment.  The energy-conscious design allows for natural lighting of the 50,000-square foot building.  The side-by-side red and white grape receiving hoppers positioned atop an elevated receiving area allow for gravity flow of grapes directly from the truck to the press or destemmer, which makes for gentler handling of the grapes and exceedingly low phenolic pick-up particularly important in the white juice.  Our large 50-ton presses allow for timely, gentle, and efficient pressing of white grapes or red pomace, and the fermentation tanks are computer monitored and controlled for precise cooling and heating.